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CQ Fibreglass Direct has been collaborating with different industry sectors such as underground mining, marine, industrial and engineering providing customised items and Fibregalss Reinforced Products.

Under CQ Fibreglass Directs new management, the team aims to professionally deliver and engage in important industrial processes.

We provide quality work in accordance with ISO-9001 with a specific focus on quality and workmanship.

CQ Fibreglass Direct offers the following services:

Construction and supply of composite ventilation products

Construction and supply of composite ventilation products (including filament winding, hand lamination, infusion and vacuum bagging). We manufacture and supply ventilation tubes and fittings which are certified fire retardant and anti-static (FRAS) for industrial ventilation applications especially in underground coal mines. Our Flange adaptors, Diffuser tubes, Dust traps and other related products can be customised according to your specific needs.

Design and fabrication of specialist ventilation components

We manufacture and produce FRAS certified Round Tubes & Large Diameter Tubes. We have ducting transition pieces, Spigot mounted tubes, fittings and multiple degree angle tee’s and tee fittings are available. Our range of venturis are also one of our most sort after products being extremely durable with outstanding performance.

Compliant disposal of redundant and damaged vent tubes

As a team of experienced professionals and experts we can offer solutions for the correct disposal of redundant ventilation tubes. Talk to us about the best way to clear graveyard vent tubes.

Design and fabrication of custom molds or components

CQ Fibreglass Direct is known to closely work with its clients. Customisation of molds or components is regular practice to fine tune our products. This is our way of making sure that the end product works perfectly for your requirement.

Industrial repairs of carbon fibre and fibreglass products

We have an experienced team of trades people that are skilled at preparation of used composite parts and hand lamination. It is for this reason that we are just as capable in repairs on an industrial level as what we are in manufacturing.

Repairs of composite ventilation products

We have the expertise and the resources to quickly repair composite ventilation damages as required; just as we manufacture most composite ventilation products.

Supply and installation of FRP grating, trench covers, manhole covers, walkways

We supply FRP grating, customised trench covers, manhole covers and walkways covers. All FRP products are chemical /corrosion resistant, fire resistant, non-skid, thermally & electrically non-conductive.  If you have special requirements please let us know so that we can find the correct resin system required.

Supply of FRP Pultruded structural profiles

We have a comprehensive list of structural shapes classified according to types, dimension and approximate weight.

  • Round and solid bar
  • RHS style sections to solid bar
  • Y-shape T-shape section
  • Flat, PFC and angle type profiles
  • UC / I Beam style pultruded profiles

We have them all for your industrial and other needs.