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CQ Fibreglass Direct also manufactures and supplies a range of other components and accessories.

Our accessories include:

Bird Hole Strainers

Our bird hole strainers are durable and easy to fit.  Commonly supplied in 300mm diameter and 1200mm lengths but may be customised to any size on request.

Vent Seal Bands

Although these are not a product we fabricate onsite we have built trusted relationships with numerous suppliers and experts in their own fields.  We can assure you that if you require vent seal bands for ventilation tubes we can supply them.

Slider Ropes

We can customise slider ropes to suit your needs.  All ropes are professionally swaged using quality thimbles, shackles and hardware.

Handle Replacement Kits

Given the rugged nature and the extreme conditions ventilation tubes are used in, sometimes things succumb to the working conditions.  Instead of disabling a product, a quick handle replacement or similar may be all that is required.  Our CQ Fibreglass Direct handle repair kit will make down time seamless for small on the job running repairs.