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At CQ Fiberglass Direct, by working extremely close with our clients we provide reliable and innovative solutions.  CQ Fibreglass Direct are one of the few Industrial Manufacturers of venturis, ventilation tubes and fittings in the Central Queensland area.  Our flexibility and customised products are one of the reasons why our clients trust us with their underground ventilation needs.

CQ Fibreglass Direct is also a proud supplier of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) products. FRP is a unique and very versatile material with numerous positive characteristics masking it a much more appealing product to use.  Once installed FRP does not fade or rust which makes it basically maintenance free.  It is also non–conductive therefor makes the product a popular choice and an excellent thermal insulator. For most FRP products, the internal surface is always smooth and seamless.

The possibilities and uses for FRP are endless, and it should be considered for new installations as well as replacing older structures or platforms that have past their used by date.  FRP platforms and structures do not require any heavy manufacturing or welding and assembly simply requires basic hand tools. Due to its light weight structures can be pre-fabricated and assembled for simple on site installation.  At CQ Fiberglass Direct, our teams are ready to work for your personalised requirements.

We service a variety of industry sectors:


We have been working extremely hard and closely with our clients to develop existing products and create new solutions to the everyday challenges they face underground.  Continuing to develop high quality products and trusted relationships is engrained in our business.  For Composite, FRP or ventilation needs please contact us.  If you are looking for alternatives to conventional problems we will have the solution for you.  We have been supplying Bowen Basin Coal mines with ventilation products and composite solutions and will rise to the challenge your next project faces


CQ Fiberglass Direct understands marine operations and conditions.  There is a need for long lasting safe alternatives to conventionally used materials.  Our ranges of FRP products are extremely Durable, UV resistant, don’t rust and require no maintenance after installation.  The products are light weight and easy to install. Some of our products are FRP grating / profiles, gangways, walkways, access points and ladders.  All can be provided with different styles of grip to ensure a non-slip, safe and hard wearing surface.  We look forward to working with local Marina’s, Jetty Owners, local councils and the Marine Industry.


As a team of well-experienced professionals, we have a deep and extensive knowledge of how industrial sectors need cost effective, composite material solutions. Over time, we seek to assist various industries with FRP gratings, FRP pultruded profiles, FRP platforms and structures to Chemical Plants, Refineries, Oil and Gas Industries, Water / Sewage treatment, Abattoirs / meat works, batch plants, quarries, transport, and others.  Talk to us regarding the right product to suit your application.


Our team is composed of experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge.  We have proven resources and people to solve the most complex problems your business may face.  We also have readily available solutions for your FRP and other material needs. CQ Fiberglass Direct have invested in local workshops and field testing to ensure that we offer nothing but the best solution for your needs.  We are proudly partnered with a number of local Engineering Business to ensure all scopes of work on your next project are covered.

In the near future, we envisage to be working with wind industries and the military.